About Us

Incorporated in 2013, Training Ahead Australia (TAA) was established to provide training for the rail and construction industry sectors – with a bit of a difference. For too long, industrial training courses have been boring, dry and more about ticking a box then actual learning.

This isn’t good enough. If you are working in construction or rail, then safety is a significant priority, for the both the company and the workers. And how can you ensure that people are following the right procedures and processes to ensure safety, if their training was dull and generic – going in one ear and out the other?

At TAA, we believe the key elements of success for delivering training that engages attendees and ensures that they retain and implement what they’ve learned, comes from industry experience, energetic and passionate trainers and practical and concise course content.

When a student is enjoying themselves, their brain is better at committing information to memory because they are actually PAYING ATTENTION (as long as they aren’t having a few bevvies at the time!). It’s ground-breaking stuff, we know, but there you have it.

Our mission is to become Australia’s number one provider of training provider to the construction and rail industries. With course availability already in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and Tasmania, we’re well on our way to achieving that aim. This would not be possible without our fantastic clients, of course, and our dedicated team of trainers and support staff.

Meet the TAA crew


Dannielle Walz

Director – Business Operations

Dannielle is the founding director of Training Ahead Australia, and provides the training expertise that ensures every course delivers on the TAA promise of being high quality and memorable. Coming from a resources/heavy industry background, Dannielle has experienced firsthand the dangers of untrained workers and unsafe workplaces. She started the business with the goal of developing training that made a difference, for the better. With that goal now realised, Dannielle’s next step is to position TAA as the nation’s number one training provider for the construction and rail industries – to widen their field and offer TAA’s game-changing training throughout Australia.

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Tom Scash

Director – Business Development

With a penchant for innovation and entrepreneurialism, Tom joined Dannielle as a director of Training Ahead Australia in 2015. Having worked in the construction industry for the majority of his career, he broke away from being an employee to found his own start-up in 2012 – matching construction professionals with career opportunities. To TAA, Tom brings unique insights into how to engage with people and develop a business around the needs of clients. Sharing Dannielle’s vision of safer workplaces and more streamlined businesses, he is committed to sharing the TAA training experience across the nation.

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Duane Kirk

Trainer – Cert III & IV Workplace Health & Safety, First Aid & CPR, Working at Heights, Confined Spaces

Duane is the lead health & safety trainer at Training Ahead Australia, with over 10 years’ experience as a trainer and safety advisor. Having worked in both Queensland and Victoria in both capacities and extensive experience in mining, energy, fire and construction, Duane’s expertise has been crucial in assisting with the development and design of TAA training material and courses.

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Dominic Britt

Paul Cassie

Advisor – Rail

Paul is a Director of a well-established rail solutions group of over 100 staff, supplying to major rail networks across Australia. As an advisor for Training Ahead Australia, he helps the directors with reviewing the company’s development and providing feedback on TAA’s rail-specific material.

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David Sullivan

Advisor – Rail

David is the owner of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that specialises in rail and learning, including clients such as Aurizon. As one of Training Ahead Australia’s advisors, he supports the company by assisting in auditing TAA’s rail training material and course development.

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