Microsoft Excel – Advanced

Duration:9:00am - 2:00pm
Cost (pp):$197
Location:3/610 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3101
Entry Requirements:

Participants should have attended or have the knowledge of our Microsoft Excel Intermediate course.


Click here to download the Microsoft Excel Advanced course outline.

Let our experienced trainers show you how to save time, increase productivity, and transform the way you you Microsoft Excel in the future. All of our training is customised to suit your companies requirements instead of delivering a standard generic course.

Advanced course outline

File Protection
• Worksheet protection
• Workbook protection
• Adding/changing passwords

Cell Protection
• Protecting cells

• Function overview
• AND function
• OR function
• Logical functions
• Nesting functions
• VLook up functions
• Function wizard

Goal Seek
• Goal seek overview
• Using goal seek

• Saving a scenario
• Adding scenarios
• Showing scenarios
• Showing scenarios

• Worksheet linking
• Workbook linking

Data Consolidation
• Data Validation
• Error alerts
• Drop down lists

Exporting Data
• Choosing specific format
• Exporting to Word
• Pasting data with a link
• Copying a graph with a link

PivotTable Reports
• PivotTable layout
• Rearranging data
• Filtering reports
• Adding fields
• Field settings
• Refreshing data
• Formatting a PivotTable
• Showing detail

PivotChart Reports
• Create a PivotChart
• Adding fields
• Creating reports

• Recording a macro
• Editing a macro
• Stepping through a macro
• Macro buttons
• Deleting a macro

• Adding developer tab
• Using fields
• Formatting fields

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    Assessment Type:No Assessment
    Course Expires After:Certificate of Completion never expires
    Delivery Method:Face to face
    What to Bring and Wear:
    • Closed in shoes
    • Sleeved shirt
    • Photo ID
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