Microsoft Word – Foundation

Duration:9:00am - 2:00pm
Cost (pp):$197
Location:Port Melbourne
Entry Requirements:

Participants should be competent in using a mouse and keyboard and basic understanding of Windows


Click here to download a Microsoft Word – Foundation course brochure.

Microsoft Word – Foundation Course Outline
Getting Started with Word

  • Navigating the screen
  • Opening a document
  • Closing a document
  • Recent documents list

Navigating Around a Document

  • Mouse shortcuts
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Scroll bars
  • Ribbons and tabs
  • Zoom bar

Create a Document

  • Create new document
  • Saving the document

Formatting Text

  • Selecting text
  • Character/font formatting
  • Font size
  • Changing case
  • Copy/moving text

Spelling and Grammar

  • Check spelling/grammar as you type
  • Running spelling/grammar checker
  • Adding words/names to dictionary
  • Dictionary/Thesaurus


  • Print preview
  • Printing current document or page

Date and symbols

  • Insert date
  • Insert symbols & special characters

Paragraph Formatting

  • Aligning paragraphs
  • Modify paragraph spacing
  • Indenting paragraph
  • Setting tabs
  • Paragraph styles/formats

Borders and Shading

  • Add border/shading
  • Add page borders
  • Remove border from table
  • Add/remove shading


  • Create basic table
  • Enter text into table
  • Hide/show gridlines
  • Convert text into table

Numbers and Bullets

  • Create numbered and bulleted lists
  • Change number of bullet style

Find and Replace

  • Use find
  • Use find options
  • Finding special characters
  • Use replace

Document Views

  • Switching document views
  • View/hide formatting marks
  • Display/hide the rulers
  • Open & move between multiple documents

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  • Units of Competency:
    Assessment Type:No Assessment
    Course Expires After:Certificate of Completion never expires
    Delivery Method:Face to Face
    What to Bring and Wear:

    – You can bring your own laptop if you would prefer
    – Lunch