Ballarat Line Upgrade Right on Track

Ballarat Line Upgrade Right on Track

Originally published November 19, 2016 

If you, like many of us, have travelled the Ballarat line, you would know that the trains come at an infrequent rate. Waiting an hour or more for a seat has become a regular occurrence for everyday commuters, causing many passengers to seek out other alternative options of transport to and from the city.

For decades, there has been talk about upgrading certain lines in order for the operation of trains to run more smoothly and efficiently.

The State Government have issued $518 million dollars of the 2016/2017 State Budget to go towards the duplication of the Ballarat line to Melton. This will increase the frequency of all services for the Ballarat region which in turn, will create better access to education, employment and training, as well as various leisure destinations Victoria has to offer.

The upgrade will include the duplication of the 17km of the track between Deer Park and Melton, 3 additional crossing loops at Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Bungaree, and the the removal of five level crossings. This will allow trains to run on time and help pass each other quicker, therefore avoiding severe congestion caused by unexpected delays, bettering the safety, reliability and punctuality of the Ballarat line.
Second platforms will also be built, originals will be extended and car parks will be developed in order to support more commuters and their needs. Extensions like this are vital for stations such as Rockbank, which does not even have enough platform length to support a standard Vline train. Alongside these developments, a further 27 carriages will be built, making room for an extra 2000 passengers across rural areas.

This new project will cater to growing communities along the Ballarat line, by enabling safer travel and also decreasing delays so that commuters may reach their destinations on time.

This project is to begin in 2017 and is aimed to be completed by 2019.

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