Training Ahead Australia’s rail training can be as flexible as you need it! We offer onsite or public courses (venue at your request), and that can be after hours, on the weekends or during night shift if needed.


Some preferred rail courses venues include:

  • Rail Skills Centre Victoria
  • Workshop space in Maribyrnong
  • Various training rooms throughout Newport and Melbourne CBD
  • Various regional and rural centres
  • Alexandria, Sydney in NSW
Course / Qualification Name Unit Code Unit Name Course Cost pp
Course / QualificationApply Track FundamentalsUnit CodeTLIB2085Unit Name

Apply Track Fundamentals

Course Cost pp (inc GST)$300.00
Course / QualificationCPCCWHS1001 – Work safely in the construction industryUnit CodeCPCCWHS1001Unit Name

Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry

Course Cost pp (inc GST)$150.00
Course / QualificationProvide First Aid (Rail Specific)Unit CodeHLTAID003 & HLTAID001Unit Name

HLTAID003 – Provide First Aid
HLTAID001 – Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Course Cost pp (inc GST)$140.00
Course / QualificationCertificate II Rail InfrastructureUnit CodeTLI21315Unit Name

Certificate II Rail Infrastructure

Course Cost pp (inc GST)Contact for price
Course / QualificationWorkplace Drug and Alcohol Testing CourseUnit CodeHLTPAT005Unit Name

Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing

Course Cost pp (inc GST)$500.00
Course / QualificationMetro Track Vehicle Operator (Full Course)Unit CodeMetro TVO (Full Course)Unit Name
  • TLIC3045 – Operate road/rail vehicle
  • TLIC2054 – Access rail track to run track vehicle within defined worksite
  • Metro Track Vehicle Operator Certificate of Achievement
Course Cost pp (inc GST)$700.00
Course / QualificationTrack Certifier and Examiner (Combined Course)Unit CodeUnit Name
  • TLIB3094 – Check & Repair Points and Crossings
  • TLIB3095 – Check & Repair Track Geometry
  • TLIB3099 – Examine Track Infrastructure
  • TLIB3100 – Visually Inspect Track Infrastructure

These units are taken from Certificate III in Rail Infrastructure (TLI32515)

Course Cost pp (inc GST)Contact the Office on 1300 355 900
Course / QualificationCertificate II Rail Infrastructure Core UnitsUnit CodeTLI21315Unit Name

Core Units

  • TLIB1028 Maintain and use hand tools
  • TLID1001 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
  • TLIE1003 Participate in basic workplace communications
  • TLIF1001 Follow OHS procedures
  • TLIU2008 Apply environmental procedures to rail infrastructure
  • TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies

Elective Units

  • TLIW2001 Operate under track protection rules
Course Cost pp (inc GST)$750
Course / QualificationTA20 ARTC Lookout and ARTC HandsignallerUnit CodeUnit Name

Units of Compitency:

  • TLIF2081 – Perform Lookout Duties
  • TLIF2082 – Perform Handsignaller Duties
  • TLIW2001 – Operate Under Track Protection Rules
  • TLIF2097 – Use Audible Track Warning Devices
Course Cost pp (inc GST)$1000
Course / QualificationRail Welding (Full Course)Unit CodeRail WeldingUnit Name
  • TLIW3035 – Heat and Cut Materials using Oxy-LPG Equipment for the Rail Industry
  • TLIW3015 – Weld Rail Using Aluminothermic Welding Process
  • TLIW2012 – Grind Rails
Course Cost pp (inc GST)$2,000
Course / QualificationTA20 ARTC Track Force Protection Coordinator Level 1 (TFPC)Unit CodeTFPCL1Unit Name

TLIF3083 – Conduct Track Protection Assesssment

Course Cost pp (inc GST)Contact the office
Course / QualificationTA20 ARTC Track Force Protection Coordinator Level 2 (TFPC)Unit CodeUnit Name
  • TLIW2037 – Clip and secure points
  • TLIL3082 – Implement absolute signal blocking
  • TLIL3065 – Implement a track occupancy authority
  • TLIL3083 – Implement a track work authority and manage rail traffic through worksites
  • TLIL4069 – Plan and coordinate protection for multiple worksites within limits of a work on track authority
  • TLIC2081 – Pilot rail traffic within work on track authority limits
Course Cost pp (inc GST)$1,250
Course / QualificationTA20 ARTC Track Force Protection Coordinator Level 3 (TFPC)Unit CodeUnit Name

TLIL3084 – Implement a local possession authority

Course Cost pp (inc GST)$1,250
Course / QualificationVLine Track Vehicle Operator – RecertificationUnit CodeV/Line Track Vehicle Operator CourseUnit Name

V/Line Track Vehicle Operator Only Component

Course Cost pp (inc GST)$350
Course / QualificationVLine Train Track Safety Awareness (Safely Access Rail Corridor)Unit CodeTLIF2080Unit Name

Safely access the rail corridor

Course Cost pp (inc GST)$225.00

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