National Rail Labourer Course (Known as Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure Core Units)


National Rail Labourer Course (Rail Infrastructure Core Units)

The below table shows the upcoming dates for the National Rail Labourer Course. Note, this course use to be reffered to as ‘Cert II Core Units’

Course Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost

TAA offers the first 6 units of the TLI21315 Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure Core Units

This course is for workers engaged in basic operations within the rail infrastructure environment undertaking a range of tasks involving known routines and procedures, and taking some responsibility for the quality of work outcomes. It is a common course to be completed after doing the Train Track Safety Awareness Course.

This course provides the foundational competencies required for many rail labouring and plant roles on most Australian railway networks.

Rail Operators (AROs) consider this skill set to be a minimum requirement for anyone wanting to work within the rail corridor as a track worker. On completion of this course and the completion of the following, it will make up the Rail Industry Workers Card Job Role ‘Rail Labourer – National’

  • TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor
  • Construction Induction Card/White Card

By choosing to enroll in this course, you are indicating that you have prior experience. On enrolment, you will be required to complete a safety self-questionnaire indicating your experience, which will be reviewed by our trainer.

PreRequisites – Pre Course Reading

It is recommended that students complete self paced pre-reading prior the commencement of class. This is provided on enrolment.

TAA Admission Requirements

Based on industry consultation and job role expectation as per the RIW National Track and Civil Matrix, TAA has the following admission requirements:

  • Students must provide either:
    • A statement of attainment for TLIF2080 Safely access the rail corridor
    • Or, if statement of attainment cannot be provided,
    • Their Rail Industry Worker Number (RIW) and Date of Birth to verify prior completion of TLIF2080 Safely access the rail corridor,
    • Or, if they have not completed the TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor to confirm eligibility with the TAA Support Team.
  • TAA requires all students to be 18 years of age or older

It is also a Training Ahead recommendation to complete the pre-reading provided on enrolment.

The practical will be completed in a simulated rail corridor and full PPE will be required. The following PPE is required:

  • Work boots – ankle support, steel cap and lace up
  • Long pants
  • Long sleeve high visibility shirt or high visibility vest
  • Eye protection – safety glasses
  • Hard hat
  • Safety gloves

If PPE is not provided, it can be purchased from the Training Ahead office for $40 (This includes a hard hat, vest, gloves, safety glasses)

These unit of competencies are required to become a national rail labourer, to check if your job position requires the core units, click this link to view the ARA Rail Training Matrix.

Employment Pathways

This course provides a pathway to work in the following rail industry job roles:

  • Rail Infrastructure – Track Work
    • Track Worker
    • Track Installer
    • Track Maintainer
  • Rail Infrastructure – Structures
    • Structures Maintainer
  • Rail Infrastructure – Track Surfacing
  • Plant Operator
  • Mobile Plant Operator
  • Way Gang Driver

Further Course Information

Click the link to find further course information

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Are you looking to get you Rail Industry Workers Card?

To work in the rail industry you must hold your Rail Industry Workers Card – RIWC

To receive your RIWC, we must submit the following requirements:

  • White Card – (Construction Induction Card) – CPCCWHS1001
  • Safely Access the Rail Corridor Course – TLIF2080
  • Category 3 Medical Certificate


Further information on what you will need:

  • Safely Access the Rail Corridor Course (TLIF2080)
    Anyone working within the  rail corridor is required to have the unit of competency TLIF2080 (Safely Access the Rail Corridor).
    This course is conducted at Metro Training Academy
  • Category 3 Medical
    In order to receive your Rail Industry Workers Card, you must obtain Category 1, 2 or 3 Medical examination to prove that you meet the health requirements set out in the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers, (2012). For labourers, a simple Category 3 is all that is required.
    The Category 3 Health Assessment includes:
    – Basic vision test
    – Basic hearing test
    – Basic mobility test
    – Drug and Alcohol screen
  • Rail Industry Workers Card
    Rail Industry Worker is a national competency management system for rail workers.
    By law, everyone working on the Australian rail network must be able to provide proof of competency. This is the best way to reduce the risk of untrained people working on the rail network.The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) program provides a single online competency management system for Australian rail workers. It’s owned and endorsed by the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) on behalf of members, meets regulatory requirements and complies with national rail safety law.
  • Construction White Card (CPCCWHS1001)
    A minimum to work on any construction site in Australia
    Your Face to Face Construction White Card – 6hr course
Duration:Minimum 3 days training with a maximum 6 months to complete the practical training
Cost (pp):$750
Rail Networks:Recognised on all networks
Location:Maribyrnong, Newport or onsite on request
Entry Requirements:
  • Please advise if you have any language, literacy, or numeracy needs; or difficulties reading, writing, or speaking English
  • There are no pre requisites as per
  • It is recommended to have completed the TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor unit and CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to Work Safely in the Construction Industry (White Card).
Units of Competency:
  • TLIB1028 Maintain and use hand tools
  • TLID1001 Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
  • TLIE1003 Participate in basic workplace communications
  • TLIF1001 Follow OHS procedures
  • TLIU2008 Apply environmental procedures to rail infrastructure
  • TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies
Assessment Type:Theory and Practical
Course Expires After:Does not expire
Delivery Method:Face to face
What to Bring and Wear:

For the practical, full PPE is required, including:

  • Work Boots,
  • Long pants,
  • Long Sleeve High Visibility Shirt or High Visibility Vest
  • Eye Protection – safety glasses
  • A Hard Hat
  • Safety Gloves

If you are unable to bring the above, please contact the TAA office to arrange to purchase a PPE pack for $35

Examples of the PPE required are below



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