Microsoft Excel – Foundation


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Microsoft Excel Foundation Course Outline
The Excel Screen
• Moving around a sheet
• Viewing other sheets
• Using the mouse
• File properties

Formatting Cells
• Inserting text and numbers
• Typing text
• Typing numbers
• Fonts & font sizes
• Cell shading
• The format painter

Navigating a Workbook
• Saving a workbook
• Create a new workbook
• Closing a workbook
• Recent documents

Copying & Moving Data
• Copy/cut & paste data
• Paste options button
• Clipboard task pain
• Drag & drop data

Columns & Rows
• Selecting columns & rows
• Change row width/height
• Adjust columns automatically
• Insert & delete rows
• Hide & unhide rows

Page Setup
• Margin options
• Page orientation
• Basic headers & footers
• Page setup options

Basic Calculations
• Order of operations
• Percentage formula
• Auto fill
• AutoCalculate

Basic Graphs
• Understanding graph types
• Create a graph
• Pie/Column/bar/line chart

Paragraph Formatting
• Numeric formats
• Borders and shading
• Cell alignment
• Cell merging
• Text wrapping

• Print preview
• Sheet & print settings
• Different types of printing
• Selecting print areas

• Insert images
• Insert symbols
• Format images
• Move and rotate

Spelling & Proofing
• Checking spelling
• AutoCorrect
• Find & replace text
• Find & replace formatting

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Duration:9:00am - 2:00pm
Cost (pp):$197.00
Location:3/610 Lorimer Street, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Entry Requirements:

Participants should be competent in using a mouse and keyboard and basic understanding of Windows.

Units of Competency:
Assessment Type:No Assessment
Course Expires After:Certificate of Completion never expires
Delivery Method:Face to face
What to Bring and Wear:
  • Closed in shoes
  • Sleeved shirt
  • Photo ID
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