Category 3 Rail Medical

What is a Category 3 Rail Medical?

The Category 3 rail medical is the minimum requirement for Around the Track Personnel Workers, which are often referred to as non-safety critical workers.  At a basic level, the medical tests your ability to be hear instructions, move to a safe place, and maintain an awareness of your surroundings.

This medical assessment includes:

  • A drug and alcohol screen (Urine)
  • Basic mobility
  • Hearing
  • Vision

Who needs to complete a Category 3 Rail Medical and why?

The medicals are completed by Aakira Medical Services, who have a clinic located inside the Training Ahead Australia building. Authorised Health Professionals conduct the rail medcials.


Are standard pre-employment medicals accepted?

No.  For your medical to be accepted, it must be a Category 3 Rail Medical, performed by an ‘Authorised Health Professional’ (AHP). The AHPs Training Ahead engage are accredited Authorised Health Professionals under the national accreditation scheme.


What is the cost?

The cost for the Category 3 Rail Medical is $275

If further testing is required for the Drug and Alcohol sample, a further $99 fee is required.


When can I book in?

We conduct Category 3 Medicals Monday, Wednesay and Friday, between 11:00am and 5:00pm.


How do I book in?

Phone the Training Ahead office on 1300 355 900 or email

When do the Medicals get released

Once a Category 3 Rail Medical is completed and does not require any further information, it is emailed the same business day.


Can we organise other Pre-Employment Medicals?

We can assist you with pre-employment medicals, just call our office.

Get Ready for your Assessment

How long does an assessment go for?
On average, a category 3 rail medical can take up to 30 minutes. Please allow up to 45 minutes in your schedule.

Hearing Assessment
A hearing assessment will be performed. If you have a hearing aid, ensure it is fully operational for your assessment.

Glasses, Contact lenses, Corrective Lenses
Vision Tests are part of almost every health assessment. If you have visual aids, ensure you bring them with you to your assessment.

Prescription Medical
If you are on medication, please bring along the prescription and any other documentation, to assist with the Drug and Alcohol screening.

Appropriate Clothing
Remember to wear appropriate clothing to be able to perform a full range of movement. Bending, squatting, kneeling, and stretching will often be part of a health assessment. You will not be required to undress for this assessment.

Pre-Existing Conditions
If you have questions around any pre-existing conditions, please give our team a quick call before the day as we may require you to bring some additional documentation.

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