What is a Rail Industry Worker Card (RIWC)?

Rail Industry Worker is a national competency management system for rail workers. TAA can assist setting up your RIWC to ensure rail readiness and compliance is met.

And once I have my RIWC, is that all I need?

Before working on Australia’s rail network, it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct job roles and competencies. Obtaining a RIWC does not mean you are automatically approved to go onsite. It’s best to confirm with your employer for all requirements necessary before commencing work – just to be safe!

Do you need a Rail Industry Worker Card?

To work in or around the Australian rail industry, most individuals will be required to hold a Rail Industry Worker Card (RIWC). If you are planning on working in the rail industry and need a RIWC, we recommend completing the following:

  • Category 3 Rail Medical (for around the track personnel)
  • Metro Train Track Safety Awareness (TTSA)
  • SWIRC – Safely Work in the Rail Corridor Course (for MTM Projects)
  • White Card (Construction/Induction Card)

If you are working on the V/Line or ARTC Network, you will also require a V/Line and ARTC Induction – which must be uploaded to your RIWC before you commence work.

In 1 day, you can complete your Category 3 Medical, TTSA and RIWC

Metro Train Track Safety Awareness (TTSA)

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Anyone working on the Metro Network and within a Victorian rail corridor is required to complete the Metro Train Track Safety Awareness Course.

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Safely Work in the Rail Corridor (SWIRC)

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You can book this 1 day course if you are working on Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) Project Sites through the Metro Academy. If you need, we have laptops available at our office to help you book in your SWIRC Course.

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White Card

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Most job roles will require a white card – you can complete it at various training organisations in Melbourne, such as Edway Training.

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Want to know more? Find out further information on how to get started in the rail industry.

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Commonly Asked Rail Industry Worker Card Questions

I have my virtual card, does that mean I can work tomorrow?

No, you need to wait for your certificates (competencies) and medicals to be uploaded and for your job roles to be green and valid. This is the responsibility of your Employer Administrator.

When will the certificates and medical be uploaded to the card?

They will be uploaded within 2 business days of us receiving them and payment being made, however you will still need to wait until they are verified by RIW.

How long does it take for certificates and medicals to be verified?

We recommend allowing 3-5 business days for approval, pending there are no issues with the upload.

Can TAA upload the rest of my tickets?

If you have any other tickets, you can talk to your employer about uploading them as they are job-specific.

Will TAA tell me which job roles I require to work on a specific job?

We do our best to provide general guidance on the requirements within the Australian rail industry, however you are ultimately responsible to ensure you have the correct job roles. We recommend talking to your employer, your client and/or the Network Rail Operator to discuss what you will require.

What job roles will be uploaded?

We upload the following:

  • MTM – Operator or V/Line – Operator (depending on your request)
  • Around the Track Personnel (Construction) – if a White Card/Construction card is provided on the day;
  • or Around the Track Personnel (Non-Construction) – if no White Card/Construction card is provided on the day
How long does it take for my Rail Industry Worker Card to arrive via post?

Once your Rail Industry Worker Card has been ordered, we recommend allowing 14 business days for the card to arrive. While you are waiting for your Rail Industry Worker Card, you can use your virtual card – click here for more information.

Can I work without having a primary employer?

No, you will require a primary employer before starting work. If your card is swiped while you have no employer, your certificates will not show.

How do I renew the Rail Industry Worker Card?

Your Employer Administrator is required to renew your card – click here to view the RIW Pricing Structure.

A number of projects in Victoria require additional inductions to be completed prior to commencing work. Click here to view the RIW Matrices outlining job role and competency requirements. 

Where can I get additional information about RIW Cards?

RIW has a number of fantastic support articles and videos to help guide employers and individuals through using the Rail Industry Worker Card System at https://www.riw.net.au. You can also subscribe to RIW to stay up to date through their site.

How do I register a company in the RIW system?

RIW have an article stepping you through the process of registering your company with RIW – click here to view the article.

What do I need to work within the rail corridor in Australia?

At a minimum, you will require the following to enter the rail corridor:

  • A valid Rail Industry Worker Card
  • White Card/Construction Card or the CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry Statement of Attainment
  • An approved Rail Medical: Category 1, 2 or 3 (this will be dependent on the job role you are performing)
  • Safely Access the Rail Corridor (TLIF2080)
  • Any Rail Network Operator specific inductions

Each Network Operator has specific competency and job role requirements – you are required to ensure you have the correct job roles prior to entering site. Click here to view the RIW Network Matrix.

Where can I go for a Category 1 Rail Medical?

We recommend using Sonic Health for Category 1 Rail Medicals – they have various locations across Victoria. 

What is the phone number and email for the MTA RIWC?
What is the link to complete the ARTC Online Induction (National Contractor Induction)?
What is the link to complete the V/Line Online Induction (National Contractor Induction)?

For course guides, full course information and pricing – please phone 1300 355 900 or visit our Courses page

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Training Ahead Australia is approved to deliver the Metro Train Track Safety Awareness.
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All TTSA renewal training cannot be completed through TAA.