Rail Industry Workers Card Transition Update #1

Rail Industry Workers Card Transition Update #1

The ARA released the following email yesterday regarding an update to the transition of the Rail Industry Workers Card system in early 2019.

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RIW Transition Newsletter – Issue No. 1

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In This Issue 

The happenings and goings on

The RIW Transition Team is setting up a governance framework and finalising documentation on how services will be delivered and measured from March 2019.

The RIW Transition Team is also working with Reference Point, a leading competency management and technology firm, to ensure that the new system is fully customised to the local rail industry’s requirements.

The RIW Transition Team will soon roll out a national program of information sessions and user training, with content and logistical planning underway right now. Stay tuned for dates and locations… you can read more about these sessions in the events section of this newsletter.



ARA and MTA will be hosting various training events including information sessions, demonstrations and webinars to address changes, questions, fees and the transition process. The events will provide a lot of information to help you support the cardholders you interact with in the rail industry.

These sessions will be split into different audience types, and you should register to attend a session most appropriate for you/your organisation:

  • Those with 250 RIW cardholders or more.
  • Those with less than 249 RIW cardholders but with 4 or more.
  • Sole traders or 3 or less RIW cardholders.

Please register your interest so we can ensure you receive the invitation: riw@ara.net.au

This issues new FAQ’s

Who is MTA and who are their partners?

Pricing Changes

  1. When the system changes, will I have to pay for a new card?
  2. What happens with my renewal/subscription fees?
  3. What should I do with my existing card?
  4. When should I stop paying cardholder renewal payments?
  5. I just completed my Training and ID check in the weeks leading up to the new system launch (March 2019), so do I get a refund for my $110?
  6. Will there be a change to the pricing structure?
  7. Who can I contact for further information?

Information and Training

  1. Will there be training available for the new system?
  2. Is all the training I completed with Pegasus valid on my new card?
  3. Can you please send me copies of all documents I have uploaded for my employees?
  4. What about historic training, will Authorised Health Professionals and Registered Training Organisations load this?
  5. I’m employed by a company who is an ARA member. Will there be subsidised training on the new system for members?
  6. Will I still be required to upload competency certificates, medicals and other requested role requirements into the new RIW system post 30 March 2019?
Administration and Administrators
  1. What system is replacing the Pegasus system?
  2. I have existing hardware like kiosks, tablets and turnstiles on my project. Will this still work post 30 March 2019?
  3. How will the data be transferred from the OnSite Trackeasy system to the MTA system? Will I have to apply for a new card?
  4. Will Pegasus manage anything for the rail industry after 30 March 2019?
  5. Do I need to do anything to ensure I get my new card?
  6. Who do I call about RIW Cards after 30 March 2019?
  7. Can I still use my current RIW card after 30 March 2019?
  8. When should we stop registering people for the RIW card?  When does MTA take over?
  9. Do I throw out my RIW card or will I need to keep it?
  10. Who do I contact if I have questions?
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