Training Ahead Australia (TAA) Terms and Conditions

Placement of an order for services constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Face to Face Courses

All fees will be paid prior to the commencement of training unless prior arrangements are made with Training Ahead Australia.

Cancellation, Change and Refund Policy

Cancellation and change fees are addressed according to the notice given by the person making the request. Refer to TAA’s Fees, Charges and Refunds Policy for further details. Where a refund is due to a candidate, the applicable refund amount will be provided within thirty days.


From time to time, deposits may be required to secure a place on an upcoming course. These deposits are non-refundable.

Late Arrivals

Arriving late to a course affects the learning outcomes of all students. Training Ahead Australia reserves the right to refuse entry to candidates who arrive late to a course.

Participant Handbook

Training Ahead Australia makes available a generic handbook for all course participants on our website. The purpose of this Student Handbook is to provide participants with information in resolving any questions that may arise during the course of study. Included are items such as our relevant policies and procedures, code of conduct, terms and conditions and cancellation/refund policies. Please take the time to review this.


Training Ahead Australia reserves the right to cancel, postpone or reschedule courses due to low enrolments or unforeseen circumstances. Should this occur, a full refund and/or an opportunity to reschedule (without penalty) will be offered.

Training Ahead Australia reserves the right to change course fees, dates, content, trainers or method of presentation at its discretion.

Training Ahead Australia take responsibility and follow processes to ensure our training and assessment practices comply with the National Vocational Education and Training Act and Training Regulator Act 2011.

Please note: Placement of an order for services constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

From 1 January 2015, all students undertaking nationally recognised training delivered by a Registered Training Organisation will need to have a USI. The Department of Education and Training regulates the application process for USIs.

The main aim of the USI is to provide students access to a centralised database of their training records. A USI is a code made up of ten numbers and letters. It will look something like this: 3AW88YH9U5.

Q: Do I need a USI to do training with Training Ahead Australia?

A: Yes! We cannot provide your certificate without having your USI on file.

Q: What do I need to do before starting a course with Training Ahead Australia?

A: Provide us with your USI. It is best to do this at time of enrolment. Otherwise, provide by email to or by phone 1300 355 900.

If you do not have a USI, please click here to create one in a new window (takes about 3 minutes). If you need help with this process, please call us on 1300 355 900.

Participant Support

During the enrolment term, support will be provided during Training Ahead Australia’s business hours (9am-5pm AEDT). Support services are dependent upon on the type of course into which the participant has enrolled. Support services specific to each course are detailed in the relevant course guide/s. To obtain support, please call 1300 355 900 during business hours.


Extensions to assessment timeframes or enrolment terms can only be granted due to compassionate or compelling circumstances that are generally those beyond the control of the participant and which have an impact upon the participant’s course progress or wellbeing.

Course Withdrawal

A participant may withdraw from any course at any time. No refund will be issued after the commencement of the training and assessment period.

Content Ownership

You understand that all information, data, text, sound, photographs, graphics, messages or other materials (collectively: ‘content’), whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, are the sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originated.

You own the rights to your own content that you post during your enrolment. However, as a condition of your enrolment, you hereby grant to us the perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty free licence to edit, modify, copy, publish, distribute, and otherwise use any content that you post.

Content Restrictions

You shall not upload, distribute or otherwise publish any content that:

  • is libelous, defamatory, obscene, dissimilatory, profane, pornographic, abusive, harassing or threatening
  • contains viruses or other contaminating or destructive features
  • infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret or violates any right of privacy or publicity
  • contains material not relevant or otherwise inappropriate to the subject matter of a discussion board
  • otherwise violates any applicable law

Intellectual Property and Copyright

You acknowledge that the course you enrolled into contains content that is protected by copyright, trademark or our other proprietary rights. In addition, the course contains information, software and other content provided by third parties that is protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights. We hereby grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the content, provided that you:

  • Only utilise the content for your own personal, non-commercial use
  • Do not modify, publish, transmit, reproduce, create derivative works from, distribute, or in any way exploit any of the content provided to you

Code of Conduct and Public Forum Participation

Some of Training Ahead Australia’s courses provide the opportunity to communicate with fellow participants via discussion forums and training and assessment activities.

Participation in any forum is optional but encouraged. Participants should assume that all postings are available to the general public. If participants wish to keep any business information, ideas, concepts, or inventions private, do not submit them to the public forums. Participants are expected to follow appropriate and professional practices when posting messages and questions that help others, further a conversation, or resolve an issue.

Strictly prohibited postings include, but are not limited to:

  • Messages that are malicious offensive or obscene (including profanity)
  • Messages that are defamatory or harassing
  • Messages that denigrate any participant or other person because of their race, religion, gender, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law
  • Proprietary, confidential, privileged or otherwise restricted information
  • Communications with competitors about prices or terms of service
  • Communications in violation of any laws
  • Messages that are irrelevant to the discussion
  • Provoking, distracting, or misleading messages
  • Messages posted under someone else’s name
  • Advertisements or self-promotions
  • Personal information such as addresses, phone numbers or other personal information
  • Spam

We reserve the right to remove, reject, delete or edit any content we deem unacceptable without prior notice. You shall remain solely responsible for all content posted by you.

Academic Misconduct

Academic dishonesty or academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise. It can include:

  • Plagiarism: The adoption or reproduction of original creations of another author without due acknowledgment.
  • Fabrication: The falsification of data, information, or citations in any formal academic exercise.
  • Deception: Providing false information to an instructor concerning a formal academic exercise, for example giving a false excuse for missing a deadline or falsely claiming to have submitted work.
  • Cheating: Any attempt to give or obtain assistance in a formal academic exercise (like an examination) without due acknowledgment.
  • Bribery: Giving assignment answers or test answers for money.
  • Impersonation: Assuming a student’s identity with intent to provide an advantage for the student.

Such violations are regarded very seriously. Training Ahead Australia will vigorously investigate and pursue any participant suspected of engaging in any form of academic misconduct.

Terminating Event

Breaching any of these terms and conditions may trigger a terminating event. The outcome of a terminating event may include any or all of the following (depending on the circumstances):

  • A formal warning
  • Cancellation of enrolment without refund
  • Civil prosecution

Training Ahead Australia management has the final decision whether a breach causes the termination of a student enrolment.

[11:19 am] Joshua Walker

USI Exemptions

If you wish to apply for a USI exemption more information can be found here: Exemptions from the USI | Unique Student Identifier

Exemptions from the USI | Unique Student Identifier

Please note: Placement of an order for services constitutes acceptance of the above terms and conditions.