What is a Track Certifier and Examiner Recertification 

The combined Track Certifier/Examiner Recertification course meets the National Track and Civil Matrix Requirements.

The Track Construction Certifier will be able to identify and measure both scope of work and quality of track construction work.

The role requires the knowledge and skill to identify the relevant construction specification and determine whether the track meets that specification and standard.

It includes knowledge of the Inspection and Test Plan processes and to understand when hold points and witness points are required.

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In addition the certifier needs to know the maintenance standards for the track so that any outstanding work can be defined with the appropriate train operating restriction until all remedial work is completed. 

What makes up the Track Certifier – National Role 

As per the National Track Matrix, the following units create the Track Certifier – National Role


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Click this link to view the ARA Rail Training Matrix.