Rail Welding (Full Course)

­What is the Rail Welding Full Course?

The Rail Welding course meets the National Track and Civil Matrix (2018) requirements. This course has been designed for employees and people looking to enter the industry to become rail welders.

At the end of the course you will be able

  • Prepare the rail for aluminothermic welding
  • Carry out aluminothermic welding process in accordance with workplace and Australian Standards requirements
  • Check the aluminothermic weld conformance
  • Complete all required documentation in relation to welding activities.
  • Plan and prepare to carry out oxy/LPG cutting and welding
  • Set up and test oxy/LPG cutting and welding equipment
  • Heat and cut materials using oxy/LPG equipment
  • Shut down oxy/LPG equipment
  • Complete clean-up activities after oxy/LPG cutting and welding
  • Prepare and plan the aluminothermic welding method


As per the National Track and Civil Matrix, the following units create the Rail Welder (Aluminothermic)

Rail Welding Units Completed during this course:

  • TLIW3035 – Heat and Cut Materials using Oxy-LPG Equipment for the Rail Industry
  • TLIW3015 – Weld Rail Using Aluminothermic Welding Process
  • TLIW2012 – Grind Rails

Additional Units required (we can assist with these units as well)

  • CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry
  • TLIF2080 – Safely access the rail corridor
  • TLIB1028 – Maintain and use hand tools
  • TLID1001 – Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
  • TLIE1003 – Participate in basic workplace communications
  • TLIF1001 – Follow work health and safety procedures
  • TLIF2010 – Apply fatigue management strategies
  • TLIU2008 – Apply environmental procedures to rail infrastructure
  • TLIS2044 – Carry out rail installation
  • TLIS2034 – Install and repair rail fastening systems


Other Rail Welding Courses

We have the following other rail welding courses also available:

  • Rail Welding Recertification
  • Oxy Cutting Welding
  • Stress Testing Welding
  • Welding Trainer consultation



Meet the TAA Rail Welding Team?

John Taylor – Lead Welding Trainer and Assessor

John joined the rail industry in 1994 and been a welder since 1997.

John has worked in the following areas:

  • Track and Civil Trainer and Assessor (V/Line) 2014 – 2019
  • Track Supervisor (Abigroup/Lendlease): 2012 – 2014
  • Victorian Minor Works welding Manager and Trainer (John Holland): 2011 – 2012
  • Superintendent: Flashbutt Welding Facility and Aluminothermic Welding Instructor (John Holland): 2006 – 2011
  • Senior Welder (John Holland): 1997 – 2006
  • Leading Hand working in Track Maintenance: 1994 – 1997


Thermit and Railtech approved

This course only provides the national units of competency. You will not receive any certificate or accreditation from Thermit or Railtech. For further enquiries for this, please contact the office.



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Duration:6 days + logbook
Cost (pp):$2,000
Location:Newport Rail Academy, TAA offices and On Site
Entry Requirements:

Training.gov as has no pre-requisites listed however as this is a very technical course, Training Ahead has the following entry requirements:

  • Offsider experience – a minimum 2 months experience working in an Offsiders role or;
  • Completion of Training Ahead Offsiders course
Units of Competency:
  • TLIW3035 – Heat and Cut Materials using Oxy-LPG Equipment for the Rail Industry (Release 1)
  • TLIW3015 – Weld Rail Using Aluminothermic Welding Process (Release 1)
  • TLIW2012 – Grind Rails (Release 1)
Assessment Type:Theory Assessment, Practical Assessment and Logbook
Course Expires After:National Units do not expire but the reccomended recertification is every 2 years
Delivery Method:Face to Face (Classroom based)
What to Bring and Wear:

What to Wear

There will be practical components each day of the training so full PPE will be required including:

  • Classroom based training
    • Students must wear closed in shoes, preferably work boots
    • Long pants and rail approved Hi Vis Shirt
  • Practical training
    • Rail approved ankle high lace up work boots
    • Hard hat
    • Shade 5 Glasses
    • Standard safety glasses – both tinted and clear
    • Welding Gloves – (Recommended brands: Big Red Gloves or Kevlar Blue Gloves)
    • Standard work gloves
    • Trousers or jeans (cotton drill) – no nylon
    • Long Cotton shirt (this includes standard rail hi vis shirt) – No Nylon
    • Spats
    • Hearing protection (your personal preference on style)
    • Clear Face Shield


What Equipment to Bring

  • Photo ID – Preferably Australian Drivers Licence or passport
  • Copy of your Rail Industry Workers Card
  • For the Oxy Cut course
    • Hoses (10mm inside diameter and no longer then 15m to meet AS/NZ Standards)
      • Blue for Oxy
      • Orange for LPG
    • Either Railtech Harris 3NX or 4NX hand piece and cutting torch attachment or Thermit Comet hand piece and cutting torch attachment + Type 20 cutting tip
    • Thermit Comet or Railtech Harris gas gauges LPG and Oxy
  • Flashback arrestors for Bottle and Hand piece ends (Hi Flow is accepted)
  • Hose crimping equipment and replacement sleeves
  • Rail templates for line drawing on rail – Not a must but would be nice if you have it
  • Dish washing liquid and squirting bottles for leak testing all gas equipment before use
  • Hand tools
    • Square mouth shovel
    • Hot waste basket
    • 8 inch shifting spanners
    • 2 x 4lb hammers
  • Flint lighter (cannot use normal lighters)


What Equipment Training Ahead Will Provide

Training Ahead has limited equipment available however students are required to provide their own equipment unless previously arranged with Training Ahead.

We prefer to teach students to use their own equipment.


This is nationally acreditted training, delivered by Training Ahead Australia (RTO 45462)

Training Ahead Australia - Rail Training (RTO 45462)