V/Line TFPC 3.2 Recertification


V/Line TFPC 3.2 Recertification

Training Ahead is an approved training supplier of V/Line and offers the V/Line TFPC 3.2 recertification.

This recertification is for individuals wishing to renew their V/Line TFPC 3.2 RIWC job role.

For full details, download our Course Information Brochure.


When can you book in your appointment?
Due to the differing recertification timeframes for individuals TAA remains flexible with safeworking recertifications.
To schedule a recertification, call the TAA office on 1300 355 900.

Duration: 2-4 hours
Cost (pp): $600
Location: Newport Rail Academy, Maribyrnong Office or on site
Delivery Method: Face to face appointment
Assessment Type: Theory assessment, observation and review of evidence portfolio
Units of Competency:

Certificate of Achievement
V/Line TFPC 3.2 Recertification

Entry Requirements:

TAA Admission Requirements
Based on the industry consultation and job role expectation as per the V/Line safeworking matrix, TAA has the following admission requirements:

Student must provide:

  • Copy of current V/Line TFPC 3.2 Certificate of Achievement

The following Statement of Attainments

  •  TLIF0020 Safely access the rail corridor (or equivalent)
  •  TLIF0027 Perform lookout duties (or equivalent)
  •  TLIF2082 Perform handsignaller duties
  •  TLIF0023 Conduct track protection assessment (or equivalent)
  •  TLIW2037 Clip and secure points
  •  TLIL3083 Implement a track work authority and manage rail traffic through worksites
  •  TLIL0010 Implement a track occupancy authority (or equivalent)
  •  TLIL3084 Implement a local possession authority


When does the course expire: The V/Line Certificate of Achievement expire every 2 years. Recertifications can be completed through Training Ahead Australia.
What to bring and wear:

What to bring and wear

The practical will be completed in a simulated rail corridor and full PPE will be required. The following PPE is a mandatory requirement:

  • Work boots – ankle supportive, steel capped and lace up
  • Long pants
  • Long sleeve high visibility shirt or high visibility vest
  • Eye protection – safety glasses
  • Hard hat
  • Safety gloves

If PPE is not provided, it can be purchased from the Training Ahead office for $40 (This includes a hard hat, vest, gloves, safety glasses)

Additional Information

Nationally accredited training

No, this is not nationally accredited training.

Assessment Type
  • Theory assessment
  • Observations
  • Providing 3x Pre-work briefs within the last 6 months, this includes:
    • Pre-work brief
    • Worksite protection plan
    • Sign on sheet

As part of the recertification assessment, other forms of evidence may be requested, or can be provided to support the assessment. These forms of evidence may include:

  • Track Force Protection Coordinator Worksite Log and Diary Entries/notes
  • Supervisor Report
  • Photos. If photos are submitted, they must identify:
    • The task being completed
    • The name of the person completing the task
    • Date
    • Location
    • Name of the person taking the photograph
    • The candidates face must be clearly visible

Certificate of Achievement
V/Line TFPC 3.2 Recertification

No statement of attainments will be issued.

ID to Bring

You are required to bring photo ID, ideally, one of the following two types:

  • Australian Drivers Licence
  • Passport
No Guarantee

Training Ahead does not provide any guarantee that:

  • A student will successfully complete a training product on its scope of registration; or
  • A student will obtain a particular employment outcome where this is outside the
    control of the RTO
Government Funded Training

This course is not eligible for Government Subsidies through Training Ahead Australia.

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V/Line TFPC 3.2 Recertification
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